Creating Relevant Content Targeting Your Specific Market

customized marketing solutions

Here at Our Local Brand, we offer the services of highly knowledgeable and experienced digital marketers who’ve carried out successful projects with some of the leading local brands in Vancouver. Our team creates customized marketing solutions tailored to the needs of various clients including restaurant owners, child care providers, realtors, dentists, and lots more.

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Website Design

Maximizing your online platform drives better brand exposure and recognition, more store foot traffic, and best of all, more leads! Our professionals develop your official website, optimizing leading platforms to better attract your local niche or market.

Comprehensive Packages

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Responsive WordPress Websites

This package allows your website to be accessible to users via desktop, tablet, and other mobile devices. It also gives you the convenience of improve your web content and design live, so you don’t have to worry about prolonged downtime for updates.

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E-Commerce WordPress Websites

Show off your products with our E-Commerce websites. You get the experience of having your very own online store, making product management, sales, and inventory easier and more efficient for your brand.

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Enterprise Website Development

Create a strong marketing and branding strategy that upgrades your business. We apply years of multi-industry practice and knowledge to generate action plans that yield excellent results every time.

Benefits and Features

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Optimizing the Latest Marketing Tools

We create custom WordPress and HTML websites that work to best represent your company. All our packages also come with “Live Help” and “Text Now” features that allow you to offer a more personal, attentive service for your clients.

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Elevating Your Reputation

We optimize pro-level software that generates better reviews for your brand. By using this powerful tool, we can evaluate your performance and plan better strategies to boost your online reputation. Our team also completes meticulous steps to ensure your platform is easily visible on the global leader in search engines—Google.

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Inclusive Packages at Excellent Prices

We offer comprehensive web design and development packages on a no-contract, monthly-payment basis. Our specialists take care of everything from site updates to troubleshooting pos at a great price you can afford. This service is also paired with excellent customer service, so you can always reach us should you want to cancel our services.

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Unlimited Site Updates

Forget the insane hourly rates other service providers charge for site improvements. Simply send in your website updates, and our in-house design team will have them implemented within 3 to 5 business days.

Wi-Fi Marketing

Maximize the marketing benefits of providing guests complementary store Wi-Fi. With the help of our professionals, we can turn your local internet connection into your very own database-building machine.

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Understand Your Target Market

Whenever guests and shop visitors join your free, branded Wi-Fi, you automatically collect relevant customer information, allowing you to learn about your demographic. We can track and analyze the data you’ve gathered with our intuitive dashboard. This way, you can see who your customers are, who comes back, and who can be potential clients.

Send the Right Message

Personalize your marketing strategies, maximize industry trends, and meet your customers’ needs. Our data evaluation can help us generate effective, targeted promotions to help you gain, retain, and attract more store traffic.

More Advantages


Attract Guests to Pages, Promotions, and Messages You Want to Emphasize
(Social Media Page, Website Specials)


Automatically Syncs New Information to Existing Databases


Communicate With Customers
Who are in the Store Location


Cultivate Customer Loyalty


Delivers Email Updates and Summaries on the Information Collected


Get More Likes on Facebook and Other Social Media Handles

Service Feedback

Localized SEO for the British Columbia Area

We apply carefully planned strategies to make sure you build a strong online presence that allows you to be more accessible via Google and YouTube as well as popular social media handles. With our expertise, we can optimize your searchability and help you be more accessible to your local clientele.


Quick Facts on the Leading Search Engines


93% of clicks on Google Search Are Only on the First Page


84% of clicks on Google Search Are Organic, Not Paid Ads


Google and YouTube Each Have 2 Billion Searches Per Month


Relevant Online Video Content

We can create impacting video content that highlights the uniqueness of your brand. We’ll have them uploaded on the leading, Google-owned media platform, YouTube. This way, we can attract attention to your business and generate more foot traffic to your site.

Search Engine Optimization

Local SEO is the key to success. It’s essentially applying techniques aimed at optimizing your website in its geographical location. Once we’re done, your website will be more relevant to local area searches, allowing users to easily find you within the list of top search results.
We also do the following to improve your local search ranking:


Make Use of Searchable Keywords and Important Links


Manage Online Reviews


Optimize Website Title Tags


Tailor Other Several Important Factors

Specializing in Organic Search Results

We use a Google-verified platform that ranks number one in the market to give you ideal SEO services. The software allows us to access up-to-date Google Analytics reports, so we can assist you in ensuring your Google Ads are correctly set up and use the best keywords possible.

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Managing your Search Engine Optimization

We will constantly update your SEO, managing keywords that have high search volume within your local area. We will also create and update your business profile citations in over 1,600 online search directories so we can get more visitors to our website. SEO citations are your business location details—your brand name, address, and phone (NAP).

Guaranteeing Effective Solutions

We assure that your website will be listed in the top 25 local search engines, so your business will be found online before the competition. We will present and discuss with you your web analytics report, so you can see your performance after our services.


Always Accessible

We’ve got headquarters in Surrey and Langley City in British Columbia. Our proximity to local businesses and brands allows us to provide better, more hands-on services to every client. We’re always call away, any time of the day.

Create with us

Together with our specialists, we can create great marketing moves that are sure to elevate your brand.