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offering digital marketing solutions

Our Local Brand works with large clients all over Vancouver, offering digital marketing solutions tailored to the needs of your brand. We are a member of the Digital Marketing Institute, giving us access to specialist tools and Google-verified resources to effectively grow any business.

Comprehensive Digital Marketing Solutions

A Website That Suits Your Brand

Finally, a convenient way to get a responsive WordPress website for your company. We offer full-service site management, so you’ll have access to follow-up reports that provide a detailed analysis of your site’s performance.



  • Running Baseline Reports on Search Engine Ranking, Inbound Links, and Page Ranking
  • Reviewing Current Site Traffic Statistics Using Google Web Analytics (or Other Installed Packages)
  • Suggesting Site Changes to Reflect the Needs of Your Target Audience
  • Selecting and Testing Keywords Appropriate for Your Target Market
  • Optimizing Top-Tier Pages for Keywords and Metatags
  • Submitting Your Site to Major Search Engines (Search Directory Listing)
  • Establishing Starter Link Campaign
  • Auditing Your Site for User-Friendliness, Search Engine Compliance, And Marketing Effectiveness
  • Ensuring Site Verification in Google
  • Ensuring Account Setup in Google Analytics and Other Marketing Tools

Brand Boosting Social Media Marketing

Create and optimize all your social media handles with our expert team. We provide the following services to help you boost your online engagement, relevance, and more:

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Post Automation by Streamlining Blog Content

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Content Marketing Task Calendar

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Media Platform Navigation and Support

Strategic Marketing Consultations

We personally pay a visit to your site or location, so we can better understand your business. From there, we will customize marketing plans that fit your needs, optimizing the S.M.A.R.T. technique in goal-setting. We also remain in constant communication with our clients and update each one on detailed project developments and results.


Tailored Service Add-Ons

Constant Contact Newsletter

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Account Setup

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Name Verification

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Database Creation
From Your Existing Files

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Template Design

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Drafting and Sending
One (1) Newsletter

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Staff Training on Navigation
And Best Practices

Online Advertising Campaign


Choice of One (1) Platform

✔ Bing/Yahoo ✔ Facebook
✔ Google ✔ LinkedIn ✔ Twitter


Account Creation


Campaign Setting


Audience Targeting


Budget Setting


Keyword Selection


Landing Page Drafting


Creation of Three (3) Ads

Let’s Get Started

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